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Kenzo X H&M collab: Shopping Review & Purchases...

Wow, I must admit I'm very impressed with H&M this year. As followers of my blog you'll know I find the H&M designer collaborations a bitter/sweet experience, with website crashes, the frustration of not being able to shop and the disappointment of wasting a whole day and coming away with nothing, something I know about very well. Well, unlike the dreaded Balmain and Isabel Marant collections, where I got nothing but a stress headache and anxiety, the Kenzo collaboration launch day was a definite success. Why? Because I managed to purchase pieces that I wanted, with minimal stress, and H&M also managed to ship it to me next day, you can't get better than that!

As I live in Nottingham, I don't have a local H&M store that stocks the designer collaborations, so I either have to travel to London or shop them online. I usually shop them at home, either over the phone or on the online website and this year was no different. I booked the morning off work away from my NHS day job and set up my phone and laptop ready to shop 15 minutes prior to the collection launching. I usually get all the item numbers from the website and call to order as in the past I've found that easier, however this year, H&M did not reveal any article numbers therefore stopping us from shopping via the phone. This did stress me out the night before as I had no idea what I wanted, the sizes or item numbers, so by the morning I was ready to battle!

As usual, as the collection launched at 9am, the website crashes and everyone was placed in a queue, so I sat, with a cup of tea, hitting refresh... for an hour! On my mobile, I switched from the website to the H&M app, constantly checking, waiting, but both were down. This is what usually happens, and when the website works again everything is usually gone. As I have had this before, I didn't get my hopes up for any Kenzo fabulousness this year, kinda expecting to come away with nothing. So you can imagine my joy when the H&M app on my IPhone 6s sprung to life and loaded the entire Kenzo collection. Both men's and women's items seemed to be fully stocked and ready to order, it was about 10:30am at this point, and with the website still down and app working, I panic shopped. I went through everything, adding to my basket, then quickly checking out before the app crashed again. But it never did, so I went back and got more, and more. It took 6 minutes and 3 orders to buy every piece that I wanted, the easiest shopping experience with H&M's collabs I've ever had! So for future reference, try the H&M app.

The next day, H&M had my parcels delivered to my work address, another pleasant surprise that I wasn't expecting. Previous collaborations took a week to be shipped, it seems H&M have really up'd their game this year, and I'm impressed! I went though all my items trying pieces on, and picking out my favourites to keep. This is when I noticed the sizing issue. All the women's items seemed to run really small, and the men's size small seemed to run really big, slightly disappointing as by this time everything had sold out, but nonetheless I managed to pick some lovely pieces that I'm extremely happy with that I will love and wear for years to come. The other items, mainly the oversized men's t-shirts that look more like a large than a small, were sent back. The rest? Well they've been kept and stored in my walk-in closet awaiting to be worn at fabulous parties and events. I've styled some of my favourite pieces that I decided to keep below and as the hype of the Kenzo X H&M collab dies down, it will be soon by that time of year again, when H&M excite us with the announcement of its next big collection!

Like the pieces but didn't manage to bag anything on launch day? Then keep checking the H&M website. As people return items that didn't fit, or were not quite right, pieces will pop up in select sizes to buy, but be warned, they sell quickly! My tip? Check first thing in the morning, late afternoon and as close to midnight as you can!