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How to shop the Kenzo X H&M collaboration...

With the Kenzo X H&M collection launching on tomorrow around the world, I have devised a few tips on shopping the collection, and future H&M designer collaborations. H&M have a winning formula with these highend meets highstreet collections and because of this they usually sell out within hours, therefore you need to be quick, precise and totally focused. I have shopped these collaborations in 4 ways, Prelaunch, in store, on the website and on the phone and for me the most successful way has been the phonelines. 

Shopping by the phone

It was Maison Martin Margiela at H&M that taught me this trick and I am forever greatful. The process is simple, when H&M show you the collection online you make your shopping list, inspect the items and note down the article number, colour and size on a spreadsheet. This may seem a hassle but trust me you'll be thankful. Once you

know what you want you can just sit back and relax till launch day. On the launch day the collections usually launch at 9am, so at around 8:58 you start the battle. Call H&M's order line on their number, you may need to keep hitting redial to get a line if the number is busy, once through you have to wait for an advisor. Make sure you have your spreadsheet of everything you want ready. If you are paying by card, have that with you, I have a H&M store account as I find it easier and quicker to just say "add it to my account" than recite credit card numbers. Once you are through to an adviser ask to place an order and simply read your article numbers, size and colour choice. If your choice is out of stock and has sold out already, don't let it throw you and move on ordering your other items quickly before they go too. This is how I shop the collections now as its fast, efficient and the easiest way to get everything you want. Once you have asked for everything you want, just pay and you are all done! Sit back, relax and wait for them to arrive, I have usually finished by 9:30 and it gives you the rest of the day to relax knowing you have your items. However, word of warning, this is not a foolproof system as the dreaded Balmain x H&M collab taught me. I got through after an hour to be told the system was down, impressed!

Shopping on the web

Now I tried this way with Versace for H&M and personally I would never, ever try this way again. Even before the collection has launched the website is usually down and states you are placed in a queue. My simple advice? If you really want to shop the collection, don't bother doing it online!

Prelaunch Shopping

When Marni at H&M was being released I was lucky enough to be invited by Vogue & GQ to attend a prelaunch party at the London, Regents Street H&M store. There was Champagne and a chance to shop the collection a night before its official release. I went with my friend Abbey and we queued not just around the block past Liberty's

store, but around that block too! If you ever get the chance to go or see that you can apply to go, DO IT! Not only is it fun, you get to shop the collection the night before, so if you miss out on something at the event then you get a whole new chance the following morning to bag it. Now that's a rare event in the fashion world! I got most tthings I wanted at the prelaunch but missed out on the a sequined collar, therefore the next day I shopped the collection again and managed to get everything I wanted plus more! It was truly Marni madness.

Shopping in store

This is for serious, hardcore shoppers. To shop in store you need to be dedicated, fashion thirsty and fully prepared for everything, Why? Because its busy, its fast, and you WILL get elbowed in the back by a middle aged bitch. Not only that, to be even close to the front of the line you need to get there at 4 or 5am, because that's when the queue starts! Usually the first 100 or so in the queue get wristbands to shop and a dedicated time. You have to go in, grab what you want, pay and leave before the next wristband colour is due. If you are not within the first 250-500 then good luck, as most things sell FAST! Many people that are dedicated enough to wait at the front of the line on a cold November morning are usually ready to max out cards buying one of everything. The mentality is go in, get the lot and leave as fast as you can. These people might not even like the pieces and these are the pieces that end up returned or on ebay for £300 more than the original selling price. Why do people go mad getting everything? Because it gives you the time to try the pieces on and see if you truly like them, if you don't, send them back. Shopping in store does not give you that time. Therefore be fast and very efficient!

So these are my mini tips and my experiences of shopping past H&M collaborations, are you ready for Kenzo x H&M? Trust me, I am!