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London Fashion Week

I have had a crazy September, full of events, nights out, busy work days, traveling and lots of fashion. I may have squeezed in a few shopping days also, which is no surprise really. September is fashion month, where each major fashionable city take it in turns to host fashion week, and for the first time ever, I had been approached to attend at the London collections. It was Sunday night that I got the email, day 3 of fashion week with the shows already in full swing. I had already travelled to London for a Boots Christmas Press Event (Feature soon on my blog) on the Friday, the first day of London Fashion Week so I had already had my fashion fix (London Haul also coming to my blog soon) but there's always room for more, right?

I got invited to attend the shows on Tuesday, which is the last day of London fashion week, of new up and coming designers through Fashion Scout. Fashion Scout is one of the largest fashion showcases throughout London fashion week, Paris fashion week and also Kiev fashion week (Ukraine) showing emerging and established talent. They also help nurture and champion new talented designers and are well known for launching designers such as Peter Pilotto, Felder Felder, William Tempest and Pam Hogg just to name a few. I got invited to attend the IRYNVIGRE show, but while I was there I learned about many new fabulous designers and after a few glasses of champagne and with help from my new fashion friends, we crashed the David Ferreira show, whom I believe really could be the next big thing!


Irynvigre is a London based label created in August 2015 by designer, Iryn Vi. The brand designs collections that contain versatile and timeless pieces for people whom want to know, and appreciate, the full story behind each piece they purchase. People who want to wear the philosophy and not just the clothes. Iryn Vi also champions sustainable fashion and the tradition of using Ateliers from renowned Couture houses. The label attracts people that are conscious consumers that respect fine craftsmanship, authenticity and moral transparency. The SS17 show I attended was inspired by Undines from Norse mythology, showing unique cuts that created illusions of flowing water with colour palettes of blue, creams, silver and whites. The designer Iryn Vi designed this collection for the modern woman, someone who is independent, successful, and poised. Someone who prefers not to just wear minimalist clothing, but those with charm and something unique.

I really did enjoy the show, containing some ethereal garments with powerful moving music that contained sound effects that reminded me of water and sinking ships. The clothes moved well with floaty elegance and the models wore slicked back hair and mermaid style make up, as if they'd just risen from cold waters. I sat on the third row, not yet in the Frow circle, so I didn't get to see how much work and quality had gone into each piece, however from the third row I could tell they were hand finished with great detail and precision but still keeping a sense of simple elegance. Below are some snaps I took at the show, but to see show videos follow me on Instagram @HOWSTE.


Well, this show I managed to attend because I was surrounded by a haze of champagne, a desire for more fashion and naughtiness. I followed three girls who I spotted running up some marble stairs behind a velvet rope at Freemasons Hall in London, the home of the Fashion Scout shows. The girls had cheeky grins on there faces and I just knew I wanted to follow, slightly tipsy on champagne. What was at the top of the sweeping stairs? Well it was the side of the David Ferreira runway with the show in full swing! David Ferreira is a Portuguese designer with an aesthetic between tradition and modernity using innovative techniques to release women into new silhouettes. He is known for making desirable, standout, unique and creative pieces for unconventional women. Like many amazing designers, his clothes blur the lines between fashion and art.

The show was lively, with an electric atmosphere. Fun music and unique pieces which screamed Couture but with a streetstyle twist which came from then fabrics used. I really loved this show, and adored some of the pieces which certainly stood out as special dressy occasion wear that would certainly pack a punch on any red carpet. It was standing room only as I snook in, so I couldn't get to see the garments in detail, but I really do think David Ferreira could be one to watch. I didn't take any photos at the show as I recorded it live on my snapchat, but to watch videos I took follow my Instagram.

Other designers I spotted to look out for? Well I found several, and have linked my favourites below. Follow their Instagram and research them online via the Fashion Scout website, they won't disappoint. It's fun to witness the next big thing, right before it hits!

Check out: