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London Haul Featuring Manolo Blahnik, Gucci and H&M Recycling Week…

Ahhhh I’m sorry, this is another post that got started and left due to my busy schedule… but it’s that time of year again, where London becomes my go to destination for fun & fashion! I have been twice so far this season and this post is about the items I have picked up, the events I have attended and my view on Gucci’s new designer, Alessandro Michele.

First I am going to throwback to April (Gosh I can’t believe it’s been this long) and H&M’s recycle week. I really should have been a good fashion boy and told about this before, but with moving into my first apartment, having a furry child called Bella and working several jobs, I just haven’t had the time. Mid-April H&M hosted an even at one of its Oxford Street stores to celebrate its recycling initiative where they pushed for more recycling and a more ethical fashion industry. They teamed with singer & rapper MIA, whom I had admired after loving songs she has produced such as Bad Girls & Paper Planes. MIA had created a new song called rewear it which she was launching to coincide with H&M’s new campaign. Since H&M launched its Garment Collecting initiative in 2013, customers from every corner of the world have helped recycle 25,000 tons of their unwanted clothes. To make that gigantic volume more comprehendible, H&M's head of sustainability Anna Gedda compares it to collecting 125 million T-shirts in three years.

"The planet's resources are limited. If we want to continue enjoying fashion, we have to find a way to make better use of the resources. H&M works for a sustainable fashion future which, among many things, means that we want to create a closed loop for fashion where old clothes can be turned into new ones without using additional materials. We still have more to do, but already today we make so-called closed-loop products from recycled denim fabric from the garments you hand in," says Anna Gedda.

I attended the oxford street event wearing H&M Studio SS16 and had a fabulous time watching MIA perform several songs while drinking healthy kale smoothies. If you go to the end of this post I will link her new song, which I must admit I love!

The H&M event was great, and I really enjoyed watching MIA, she killed it! I was in London for the event which started at 6:30pm, and I am sure you can guess what I did with my day in London before I had to be at the H&M store… I shopped of course and was a very bad boy at Manolo Blahnik. These shoes have been all over my Instagram so you may have already seen them, and they are something I have lusted over for a while. I am a big fan of my home girl Carrie Bradshaw & the rest of the characters from Sex and the City so it’s no surprise that after a trip to Manolo Blahnik’s Burlington Arcade store that I would emerge carrying a pair of Blue Hangisi Flats…

So that was my first London trip, my second trip was last month. I had come ‘down south’ for a relaxing few days, and while feeling home sick and missing my cat and newly remodelled walk-in, I strolled into London one Thursday morning for a spot of retail therapy to take my mind of things. I originally wasn’t going to splurge, and was really good the whole of Selfridges, Louis Vuitton and Chanel. I even made it out of Alexander McQueen without a single credit card swipe (though that might have been because they all stared at me like an owl waiting for me to try something on!) however it didn’t last long! Since Gucci appointed designer Alessandro Michele as creative director, the brand has been given a fresh aesthetic and new lease of life, transforming the fast approaching stale imagine and bring it back to a lead player in the high fashion game. The new collections have been fantastic, and they champion exactly what I, as a blogger, am about. Genderless fashion, dressing in fabulous, beautifully made garments that you love, and not having to stick to gender stereotypes. I wandered around the New Bond street store and adored each piece, noting how similar the men and women’s collections were, and, as a bag fan, bought a new piece.

I had the choice of this piece or a piece very similar, but in pink that was slightly larger. Both were beautiful but I went with the former as it made a better addition to go with my existing wardrobe. My thoughts on the collections? Well I am very excited to see what Alessandro Michele has in store for us next. The first collections have been a success and received by most very well, sending men and women down a runway dressed in similar items, men in female proportions and women in male proportions. Also creating a collection designed for men and women both to enjoy and pick from, it really was a joy not to have a fabulous women’s collection then a dull all navy men’s collection like times gone by. I believe Alessandro Michele really does understand the way men’s style and fashions are changing, it’s been no secret that men, gay or straight have been shopping in the women’s department for years, now isn’t it the time for the powerhouses of fashion to catch up?

Manolo Blahnik Hangisi Flats £650 Gucci Clutch £300