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Louis Vuitton: The first fragrance in 70 years...

I have news, big news, sweet smelling luxurious news. Powerhouse Louis Vuitton is to launch its first perfume in over 70 years.

This is something that I wondered about several years ago around the time I bought my first Louis Vuitton piece in 2012, why does a brand as big as Louis Vuitton, not follow in the footsteps of its equally successful competitors and sell cosmetics, including perfume? Little did I know that previously, in 1927 Vuitton launched a fragrance called Heures d’Absence which was then followed by a fragrance called Je Tu II in 1928 and finally Reminiscences and Eau de Voyage in 1946 but the attempts were then discontinued and soon forgotten. Eau de Voyage from the 1940’s was later reintroduced in the 1980’s before disappearing from our shelves once more.

Fast forward a few decades and Louis Vuitton has announced that its teamed with perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud (above) to create what is being said to be an “exotic” “rare” and “Floral” fragrance. The fragrance’s are set to be one of the biggest beauty launches for next season and should be hitting Vuitton’s 473 worldwide stores in September. Noted that I said fragrances? That’s because rumour has it there will not be one, but a collection of divine scents on offer in the not so distant future. I must admit, I’m personally excited for the new launch, but the success of the fragrances will depend on where Louis Vuitton position them in the market. Hopefully they are competitively priced among the likes of Chanel and Hermes whose fragrances retail at between £40 - £120. However, following Alexander McQueens launch earlier this year of its £285 self-titled scent who knows what position of the market Vuitton will place itself. One thing is for sure, I’ll be in line to try it come September, and when I do, I’ll be sure to let Y’all know what I think…