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Shopping at the unexpected: QVCUK & Bob Mackie Realness…

I really do hate fashion snobs. Snobs that love your outfit till they hear where it’s from, you know the kind, if its labelled its fabulous but god forbid you wear high-street or something purchased from somewhere out of the ordinary. Well, as many of my followers know, I am a huge advocate of mixing high-end and high-street fashion on a daily basis, as well as shopping in unexpected places to find beautiful treasures that not only will nobody else have, but that you’ll love forever. After all, isn’t that supposed to be part of the thrill we get from fashion and clothing?

Well recently, while sat on the floor emptying my last season Balmain from my drier (please be careful with Balmain’s notoriously heavy buttons when washing!) I noticed a beautiful garment on the TV. It was printed, hung like silk, and totally fabulous. It was almost like a scene from Confessions of a Shopaholic, but instead of me being dressed in Dries Van Noten, I was wearing a grey dressing gown and joggers. (Its sport luxe darling, I swear!) While I was doing my housework I had left QVCUK playing in the background. It is no secret that I am a fan of QVC and have mentioned them previously in my blog. Gone are the days where home shopping had a stigma of gold plated tat being sold with dramatic flair, the likes of QVC now give us powerhouses of beauty, jewellery, fashion and technology with brands like Bobbie Brown, Bose, Butler & Wilson, L’occitane, Benefit, Links of London and Apple (Trust me, this list could of gone on for several more pages). Because of this, a vast amount of people of all ages, occupations and genders are shopping at QVC with its huge buying power and competitive pricing.

The top I saw on TV that caught my eye was surprisingly by designer Bob Mackie. If you don’t know who Bob Mackie is by name, you’ll surely at some point have seen one of his creations as he is famed for dressing huge icons such as Joan Rivers, Cher, RuPaul (Love!) Bette Midler, Diana Ross, Judy Garland, Liza Minnelli, Tina Turner and is well known in the industry. So what do you get when you mix a huge multinational brand like QVC a creative talent like Bob Mackie? Well-priced, high quality, beautifully designed garments.

From his QVC collection I bought 3 blouses that I’d style up as light jackets, all the same design but in 3 different colours as you can see from the styled photos below. The best thing about them isn’t that I love them, even though I do, or that they are such great quality and were so well-priced. It’s that I have statement items, that I love, that nobody else is wearing, even with QVC’s now huge popularity “fashion people” still shy away from shopping at unexpected places. So if you haven’t ever thought about buying clothing from places like QVCUK then go ahead and check them out, as they have treasures just waiting to be found (they also stock Lulu Guinness!). As for shopping at other unexpected places, that one of piece that you’ll love forever, that’s also unique to you won’t usually be found on a rail in Topshop. Why? Because 40,000 other people have bought the same garment. Shop smart and hunt around, try new places and more importantly, have fun with fashion!

Black Shirt (worn under patterned shirt): New Look Back Skinny Jeans: Topman Black Shoes (top photos): Burton Blue Flats (bottom looks): Manolo Blahnik Pink Messenger Bag (middle looks): Christian Dior Black & Whiite Faux Fur: F&F at Tesco

Silver Clutch: New Look

Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs Green patterned blouse/shirt: Bob Mackie at QVCUK

Pink patterned blouse/shirt: Bob Mackie at QVCUK

Blue patterned blouse/shirt: Bob Mackie at QVCUK