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My Birthday at Vintage 2 Versace...

I've been meaning to write about this store for a long time but I haven't, once again my excuse is that I've been busy, but as my friends and I had been back for my birthday to shop, I thought it's about time I told you about it.

Vintage 2 Versace is a vintage resale store that sells just as the name suggests, everything from Vintage to Versace! It was last year that I first walked in and was amazed by the treasures it held. Everything from 2004 ready to wear Chanel Jackets to vintage 80's Christian Dior. They also have show costumes, vintage furs and accessories to browse, and don't worry about getting peckish after a few hours of browsing and trying fabulous items on, as they have there own cafè called The Secret Garden. Not only all of that, as with vintage clothes and couture, if it doesn't fit right, it's usually a disaster right? Well they've thought of everything and have a seamstress onsite called Hajra who truly is fantastic and in the past has altered my 50s Chanel for me so that it hangs perfectly. She's known for not only customising and altering garments, but she can hand make things from scratch and comes highly recommended! Hajra at Kemari Couture in the past was trained in Paris and since then has worked freelance for huge powerhouses of fashion, such as Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood. Vintage 2 Versace truly is a little gem hidden on Stodman Street in Newark, and well worth a look.

The store's ground floor contains accessories, shoes, bags and costume jewellery and the first floor contains the lavish fitting rooms, the majority of the clothing they hold and also Kemari Couture by amazing seamstress, Hajra.

The first time I went to the store I had the pleasure of meeting Katie. Like all the staff I have encountered she was lovely, and went out of her way to help me select perfect items to add to my collection. Unfortunately she is no longer at the store and has moved on to new pastures elsewhere, but it was her friendly manner and one to one assistance that helped me fall in love with the store. On this visit I purchased three items. A lovely late 1950's Chanel Jacket, A vintage Versace coat from the Gianni years and a blue Christian Dior jacket (we all know I'm a Dior whore!).

The second visit to the store was just as successful. It was my birthday and I went with friends. We'd hired a limousine to take us, and arrived with a bottle of bubbly to sip as we shopped. My outfit for such an occasion? Balmain of course! The store once again were lovely, and we spent several hours exploring the racks, the labels and trying on items. I tried everything from 90's Chanel jackets to a Versace dress (I hoped I could pull it off as a coat). Below are a few photos of some of the amazing finds available, and naturally I 'accidentally' purchased a few.

Wearing a Versace Dress (trying to pull it off as a coat)

This was a lovely silk Versace top that I tried on, it takes two to get me out of it but I loved it, this piece made it way into my closet!

Now this jacket is Christian Dior, as you can tell by the label! I loved it and first saw it the first time I went to the store and luckily for me it was here the second time, so I just HAD to have it!

This jacket above was a labeless costume piece that I fell in love with, I didnt take it home as I felt that the shoulders were slightly to big for me to pull it off, however looking at the photos now, I wish I'd bagged it! It was a lovely deep navy with gold embroidery.

The sign of true luxury shopping is being able to explore garments at leisure, and try them on with no pushy sales associate! Vintage 2 Versace has that, yet if I needed help, or wanted any knowledge on a garment they'd happily sit with me to help and that's what I love about the store. After shopping we went to The Secret Garden Cafè for high tea and was lavished in cream buns, sandwiches and Earl Grey tea.

On the whole I had a fantastic shopping experience with friends and a lovely day out, but I must admit I expected to at the store. Below are the items I purchased. If you're ever close or in need of that one special outfit, pop in and enjoy the treasure hunt!