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  • Lauren Wales & Stefan Howarth for HOWSTE

New Season Beauty Featuring Lauren Wales...

I recently mentioned on The HOWSTE Journal that I would be dedicating a few posts all about beauty and beauty trends. For my beauty routine I usually play it safe and stick to known trends and products that I already know and love, and I am sure many people are the same. Sometimes however, its nice to try something new, spice up your routine a little, and try new products. I find the best way to do this is to listen to someone new, fresh and fabulous. With that I'd like to introduce an Instagram Beauty and follow cosmetic lover with a passion for new trends with a fun ashetic. Her name is Lauren Wales and she has written a piece all about products that are new on my radar that you may be interested in or already be a fan of. Lauren is also a youtuber so check her out on the links at the end of her post...

Above: Lauren Wales applying "Redrum" by Jefree Star Cosmetics

Lauren: "Spring 2016 is going to be a crazy season for makeup addicts, bloggers and MUA’s everywhere! Jeffree Star Cosmetics has announced that he will be releasing FOUR pressed highlighter powders called “Skin Frost” towards the end of this month (April) and if that isn’t enough, another FOUR shades will be released at the beginning of June. Jeffree plans to slowly release new shades of his highlighter compacts throughout the year. These powders will be one of the biggest (if not the biggest) highlighter powder compacts on the market, they are around two or three times the sizes of your average compact.

For me, personally I have been a follower of Jeffree for around nine years or so when he started out on the music scene, but he is still a pretty new as a brand when it comes to the makeup industry. As a business owner, I know how hard it is to obtain such a wide audience and he has done tremendously well. From the moment that Jeffree released his “Velour Liquid Lipstick” range, everyone has been going crazy for his products and if you’ve tried them out yourself then you will know why! My MAC lipsticks have been neglected since I have been using JS Cosmetics. The formula is out of this world, I swear by this lipstick! It is similar to the Lime Crime makeup formula as it applies wet and dries matte, however I feel that JS is more durable. A lot of his shades are pretty unusual and most people wouldn’t consider wearing green or blue lipstick on a daily basis (however, they are good for photo shoots etc.) but they also double up as eyeliner. I find it great how it is safe for your eyes too because whilst I wouldn’t dare to pull off such an extravagant colour on my lips personally, I would definitely consider using it as an eyeliner for my top lid and winging it out with some bold black! You can still stand out but be subtle with it and I think that is great.

According to sources in which I’ve come across, it appears MAC is still testing their products on animals and Jeffree Star? Well… His range is cruelty free and vegan! On the 25th of May 2016 he is releasing his first eyeshadow palette which has been named after one of his albums “Beauty Killer”. The palette will contain 10 highly pigmented shades and the packaging is such a gorgeous Barbie pink colour too!

In June 2016 Jeffree has announced that he will be releasing his new line of lipsticks called “Lip Ammunition”, now theses are different from the “Velour Liquid” ones because these are more like actual lipsticks. They do not come in a tube with a lip wand like the other ones; they come as an actual lipstick and I’m pretty sure they are going to be scented and some of them have glitter running through them too!

Above: Jeffree Star Lip Products

Moving onto another brand that I absolutely adore, is one that isn’t so well known but it is becoming popular more and more each day and should be right up at the top with the rest is “Younique Products”. I am forever raving about a few of their products in particular though! I use their “Divine Daily Moisturizer” and “Glorious Face and Eye Primer” every day before I apply my makeup and I can actually feel my face tightening and tingling when I use these products. It closes the pores up and gets your face prepared for the foundation so that it won’t sink into your skin and cause you blemishes and such. Their “Splurge Cream Shadow” is absolute heaven, it feel so soft and smooth when you apply it and you only need the tiniest amount and it literally covers your whole eyelid, it’s fantastic. The shade I have been in love with has been “tenacious” because it is a beautiful glitter/gold colour and it just sparkles like nothing on this Earth! Previously I would use mascara by Avon, MAC or Maybelline New York but now I use mascara by Younique and I honestly wouldn’t go back to mascara after trying this one. Their “Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+” mascara increases lash volume by up to 400%! I have seen it transform people with the even the smallest eyelashes, I swear by this mascara and haven’t found anyone yet who hasn’t loved it.

Above: Lauren wearing Younique Mascara and Splurge Eyeshadow

Above: Lauren's before and after using using the Younique Mascara

I would like to inform everyone that doesn’t know already, that Lime Crime is discontinuing their unicorn lipstick range. Everyone is really gutted about this and we really can’t understand why they would do this because it is their most popular product and everyone literally goes crazy for it, but apparently they want to create new things and move onto their next chapter. The lipstick is now at a heavily discounted price on their website whilst they clear them out and make way for some new products so if you want to stock up or have always wanted to buy from them but haven’t, now you can!

Last but not least I am going to just briefly mention some makeup products which I have been really interested in or have been in love with lately. First is the “Picasso” eyeshadow palette by “Morphe Brushes” which features 12 super bright pigmented colours. Second is the “Lilumia” makeup brush cleaner which is an electronic device that cleans your makeup brushes for you, this saves so much time and they come in lots of sweet colours and they now ship worldwide too now as of recently which is mega awesome! Last but not least is the “Brush Egg”, this is an egg shaped silicone glove type of thing that you can fit one/two of your fingers into and it has different textured surfaces which helps you clean your makeup brushes. I have been using it a lot this month and it’s really helped me give my brushes a good, deep clean. I have noticed that a lot of individual beauty suppliers have been selling the “Brush Egg” at ridiculous prices; my advice would be to check out eBay because I literally bought mine from China for 99p or something and people here are charging around £7 for the exact same thing!"

Stefan: If you want to know more, or follow Lauren, you can check her out on the links below. I'd like to take this time to also thank Lauren for introducing me to new products and writing a piece for The HOWSTE Journal. Are you ready to try something new in your beauty routine for Spring? I know I'll certainly be trying out Jeffree Star Cosmetics for the first time! :)

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