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Beauty Month Intro: Faking it with YouCam Makeup...

It is now March and time for brighter evenings, pretty flowers and a change in fashion. As March is a transitional month it is usually the month you start a fresh, you start putting your winter coats away and pulling out your lighter summer jackets, and for me, it’s the same for beauty as it is fashion. The winter months of dark brown lips, heavy party eyes and rich moisturisers are replaced with new fresher shades, lighter techniques and a change in moisturiser. As a make-up wearer with problematic skin I am constantly reviewing or changing the products I use, and have decided that for the HOWSTE Journal we will dedicate March a month of beauty!

In the next few weeks I will be reviewing new products, showing you my current skin care and make up routine and looking at new trends that will complement the new wave of spring/summer fashions. I will also be having some fabulous guest editors so stay tuned! However I am going to start off by showing you how to completely cheat your way to a fabulous skin tone and perfect eye make-up, as let’s face it, beauty isn’t always about cosmetics, right?

I was given this secret by a friend at work, and as I am a big blabber mouth with a blog, have told everyone I know (Sorry Guys!). The secret? It’s an app called ‘YouCam MakeUp’ available for iPhone and android and it basically does your make up for you. It’s like an easy, idiot proof Photoshop, and its oh so fabulous! Now I could go on about all the features but I thought I would add some before and after photos below, because they’ll show you the apps talents and speak for themselves.



The best thing about it? Its free, and each photo took me around 5 minutes of playing plus the results are amazing! It’s not about trying to be someone else, it’s just about looking the best that you can and feeling confident.

The app is easy to use, and you use your camera to take a photo or use an old photo in your phones memory, trust me, it’s addictive! You have pre-set makeup and hair looks that you can amend and change plus you can do things such as remove eye bags, whiten teeth, add accessories and change your hair. After half an hour you’ll be a pro… so go download, play, be fabulous and enjoy… you can thank me later also! ;)