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The Princess and Chanel...

This is the story of the little princess and the vintage brown Chanel bag. Once upon a time there was a magic store called Vintage Heirloom… Ok so this isn’t really a fairy tale story of love at first sight, but it is still a tale worth telling, especially as the tale contains photos of Chanel bags and a story of vintage finds and where to get them! Vintage Heirloom is a fabulous online store that specialises in authentic and rare vintage pre-owned and second hand Chanel handbags and jewellery, sometimes they do have other brands also. They have been on my radar for a while and the other week I was browsing around looking at shiny things, as you do, and stumbled upon their website, again.

I have always wanted a Chanel Classic Flap Bag but have yet to make the splurge, especially when every year the price goes up by £200, and because of this I have been known to look at Vintage Heirloom every so often, but if I am honest, I much rather buy a new piece from the boutique and treasure her (or him!) forever. I didn’t expect to buy anything or even see anything I desperately needed on the website, but within seconds I saw a brown fabric classic flap bag, dating from between 1991 to 1994. I looked at the pictures and it just seemed to scream ‘Buy Me’ and so that’s what I did. The following day it was delivered.

Now I must admit, whenever I have bought a designer bag that I have lusted over or instantly fell in love with, I have had that butterfly in the stomach excitement, a love created from a fire deep within, a passion for fashion and everything fabulous (wow that’s a line and a half!) but when I open the box and unravelled the Chanel and Vintage Heirloom dustbags I was left slightly, well, emotionless. I wasn’t excited or overly thrilled, it was a nice Chanel bag, and that was it. I instantly said it wasn’t for me and decided to send the item back… after I had looked at it for the rest of the day anyway.

The following day I felt like being naughty, so instead of calling to return the bag, I used her, carefully. Trying not to mark the 24ct gold plated hardware, or damage the brown leather lined interior. I tried her on with a few of my casual clothes, modelled her with my things. Used her on my journey to work, and I even took her on a meal out with work colleagues. The more I used the bag, and looked at it, the more I fell in love. She is the type of bag that makes you feel classy, poised, well put together. She’s elegant but understated, yet everyone knows she’s something special. I have used her as an over the shoulder/cross body bag and as a clutch and because the design is so simple and elegant you really can use the classic flap with anything. In a short space of time I have gone from not being a fan, and slightly disappointed, to understanding the love for the Chanel Classic Flap Bag. It’s not just the bag, it’s how you feel using her!

And so they lived happily ever after… Well they would have in a fairy tale, this is real life and in real life Chanel is expensive, even when its pre-owned and vintage. As I grew to love Miss Classic-Flap, I still will being saying farewell. She is lovely, and I adore using her, but I just didn’t get that initial excitement, and to me, and many other fashion fans, that’s what it is all about. Therefore I will be sending her back. As for the refund I’ll receive back? Well, that will be safely stored away till I see ‘The One’.