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Halloween OOTD...

How can I forget Halloween!!! I was just sat thinking to myself that I swear I had something to write for HOWSTE, then I remembered that I hadn’t showed you all my fabulous gothic Halloween outfit I wore for this year’s Halloween celebrations. I got invited to a Halloween party at short notice, and due to being extremely busy I didn’t think much about my outfit till a few days before. I was originally thinking of going as a dead child, using items I still had from my old school uniform. Though, when I tried it on the night before I realised that I may have grown more than I had realised, and it really did not fit. Ensue panic mode as I blitz through my entire closet searching for an outfit. Luckily for me I am a constant shopper and I’m constantly picking items up that I love, knowing that I may not wear it now, but I will one day, and after several hours, I had an outfit sorted.

This was my outfit for Halloween, and all the items, apart from the green zombie blood, I already owned in my closet.

Bag: New Look

White Shirt: H&M Black Blazer: H&M

Black Skinny Jeans: New Look

Black Lace Top: Primark

Lace Gloves: Ebay

Shoes: Burtons Menswear