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The B***h That Is Balmain.... for H&M...

After spending hours attempting to shop the H&M x Balmain collection, calling hundreds of times, trying the website then to be told the systems are down I thought to myself… Do I really want to spend all this time and money on H&M quality clothes? No! And that is the cause of this post. It is all about how H&M designer collaborations are dead. Am I sad that I didn’t shop the collection? No, a wave of relief descended over me. I am just so over it…

Ah, after looking back through my instagram feed I can tell it’s been another H&M collaboration that spiralled into rage. The collection launched last Thursday and I, as all fashion obsessives was poised and ready to shop. I never go into store for these collaborations as I never find it fruitful, I usually plan way ahead and place my order over the phone. This collection, in my eyes, was not going to be any different. As usual, at 8:59am the website crashed and was unusable till noon. I really have NO idea how anyone manages to place an order online during these collections as the website, in all my time of shopping H&M’s collaborations has never worked! But no need to threat, I have an H&M account, a large credit limit, all my item numbers and a phone… so I called. It was engaged, as I expected, so I kept trying, over and over and over again.

300+ calls later and I’m nervous that the main items will be selling out, but that’s fine, as long as I get a few things. After an hour and a half later of hitting redial and waiting in the queue I manage to get through to a call handler, PRAISE THE LORD! Praise short lived as all I got was a very abrupt woman telling me the systems were down and they can’t place orders so call back later… Erm, WHAT? IN ANOTHER MILLION HOURS?!... And rage ensues. I did check the website several hours after this and surprise surprise everything had sold out, I really don’t know how people managed to bag items, but congrats!

I also really do not know how H&M after all these years of designer collaborations and experience of high demand can still fall so short, and I know that I am not the only one with these feelings. As a customer, all we ask is that the whole buying process is fair, efficient and fluid. Yet H&M seem intent of pissing people off.

Why can’t the website be designed for increased traffic so that people can actually shop and not be placed in a queue system that doesn’t seem to exist and you never leave the queue page?

Why can’t more stores carry these collections so that hundreds of people don’t have to spend hours and large amounts of money flocking to flagship stores just to wait in a line of 2,000 people and come away with nothing?

Why can’t you invest in a phone system that doesn’t crash at every collaboration?

H&M really have tarnished their reputation in my eyes, and to me, the days of designer collaborations with H&M are dead. Its overpriced, it’s still only H&M quality, it’s a bitch to try and shop and lets all face it, it’s not worth the anxiety. I have felt like this ever since the disaster that was Isabel Marant pour H&M, A collection that I shopped successfully, but then cancelled my order as it had been pending for two weeks and I realised I didn’t even want the items, I only ordered them because it was Isabel Marant pour H&M. Even shopping the Alexander Wang x H&M collection left me feeling bleurrrr. I shopped it and got everything I wanted, but when it came I was left disappointed. It may have been Alexander Wang but it’s still H&M quality!

I am not the only one to reiterate this message. Fans, whether happy or enraged have made their feelings clear over all platforms of social media.

To stay successful and to stop H&M’s designer collaboration crown from slipping an overhaul is needed, because angry consumers can do more damage than a happy one…