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London Haul…

As I have mentioned a few times I recently went to London to stock up on new season fashions. What I actually ended up buying were carefully chosen classics that I can mix into my existing wardrobe that hopefully, will be here with me in 30 years’ time, and still relevant and tasteful to wear. I had two items in mind that I wanted, the Louis Vuitton Toiletry Pouch 26 and the Hermes Bolduc au Carré silk twilly in Orange. The first place I went to was Hermes on New Bond Street, London, just a few doors down from Chanel and Louis Vuitton. I have never been into the New Bond Street store of Hermes before, because quite frankly it intimidated me. The reason why I always dread going into such stores for the first time is that I hate not knowing where I am going and I don’t want to look foolish. You go into a high-street store and the layout is obvious. You go into Hermes or Chanel and you have no idea where you are going as all the stores are so uniquely designed with unusual layouts, stairways, hidden corners, so many mirrors it's disorientating and VIP zones. However, as for Hermes, I had something in mind I wanted and I had my independent woman mantra going on so I went in. The store smelt amazing and after asking was told it was the new fragrance called Le Jardin, it smelt so good I bought a bottle while I was there. A nice, clean fresh but not dismissible scent. I spoke to a lovely sales associate and explained what I wanted. It turns out they haven’t had that twilly available for a long time, which was annoying, therefore, not one to leave with nothing, I requested to see every twilly silk they had. After 15 minutes or so I selected this beautiful pastel hued number. I also felt like I needed to buy more so asked to see the scarf rings. I selected the silver one as I usual wear more silver items than gold, and I felt it looked nicer, more timeless, classic, chic. I plan to wear my twilly in many ways, on bags, around my wrist as a bracelet and around my neck.

After Hermes I waddled up the road to Louis Vuitton, a store that I now know very well. I've been lusting over the toiletry pouch 26 for a long time, however I didn't want to use it as a wash bag. Remember that time Princes Diana used hers as a clutch? Well as a huge clutch bag fan, I wanted to do the same, especially as the only clutches Louis Vuitton currently do are small. This I can use with anything, come rain or shine. It's large enough for work and to carry essentials but small enough for it to be used in the evening as a more statement clutch. Oh, and I suppose you could use it as a wash bag as in was intended for...

Princess Diana carring a Louis Vuitton Toiletry Pouch

Next buy? Well this wasn't on my list, and I blame the summer mid season sales. After spending enough already I thought I'd do some window shopping in Alexander McQueen. Window shopping, yeah right! I didn't see anything on the ground floor so I wondered down to the basement area, and found myself at the sale section. A DeManta clutch has been on my list for a while but I hadn't planned on buying one. If something is on sale though it's a must right? Well they had several DeManta clutches in the sale so I actually ended up spending over an hour posing with each one, trying things on, swapping bags, pouting in the mirror. I was even given light refreshments to keep me hydrated after all this hard work and had time to take photos. I did in fact decide on a beautiful satin and leather SS15 blue, white and black design, and it's fabulous.

So these are my new pieces to add to my collection and wardrobe, how would I style and wear them you say? Well I'll just have to do another post and show you. To be continued...


Alexander McQueen DeManta Clutch limited due to being last season, please contact your local store.