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Louis Vuitton Multicolour News...

I have just finished writing my London haul and it will be on HOWSTE in the next few days, but before I get to that I need to tell you something. While in the Bond Street Louis Vuitton Store (and Selfridges concession) I asked about the ever colourful, multicolour line. I do love the line, and I have one black multicolour piece that I bought vintage from 2004, but I've never loved it enough to commit in store. I love it, but feel it's dated, and that if I wore a huge piece, like a big speedy, people would feel the same. I had heard that the multicolour line was being retired, and I finally had official confirmation by not one, but two LV store associates... the multicolour line will be no more. Now my first reaction was that I wanted to just buy everything, to love and wear each piece, though I don't think my credit card would let me, I have just bought a house after all. I did think about this after, and my second reaction was to just love the piece I have, and let the line retire, as after all it's over 10 years old now. For me the jury still hasn't reached a verdict. I really would like a white multicolour piece, but I haven't got to the commitment stage yet. Are you happy to see the range go? Or are you desperate to obtain a desired piece? There's not much time as the line is set to disappear in the next few weeks and many items are hard to to find already. It's crunch time, go forth and shop, or forever hold your peace.