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Fashion Regrets: My Moschino and Prada moments…

I know I say this every post but I am so sorry for having long gaps between edits. I’m simply busy, or too lazy on my days off to write, or it could be because I spend all my free time shopping or obsessing over collections! This post is about something that has been on my mind for over a month. I am surely not the only person that does this, but do you ever see something you love in a shop, you spend ages lusting over it, trying it on, touching it, but then for one reason or another, you decide not to buy? It’s something no doubt most people do, and most times you end up forgetting about the item, but what happens when you don’t forget about the item and you end up with gut wrenching fashion regret? Well this has happened to me twice in the last few months, and as a fashion obsessive, I can tell you that the pain does not go away. The first moment was while I has on a shopping break in London. It was the summer sales and I was wondering around Selfridges after just buying the Rouge Louboutin Nail Polish. I have been a huge fan of Moschino’s fun aesthetic since Jeremy Scott took over and after studying and rewatching the runway shows I have become accustom to being able to spot Moschino pieces from 50 yards. I had just got off the escalator when I spotted a mix of orange and blue out of the corner of my eye and I instantly recognised it as the Moschino Toy T-shirt from its SS15 Capsule Collection. I wondered over like a little lamb and as soon as I saw the word Sale next to the price tag I wanted it! I looked at all the pieces and I knew that I could rock the T-Shirt, it was a rush of endorphins that said BUY ME, BUY ME, BUY ME! I looked at the T-Shirt, and then put it down, I picked it up, then put it down. I walked around the women’s department in a full loop back to the same T-Shirt. Yes it was a fierce piece that I could have totally rocked, but every time I picked it up I thought about the recent charges I had just made to my platter of credit cards, Hermes, Vuitton, McQueen… I just couldn’t justify another £120 & change on a T-Shirt. Therefore I gave the T-Shirt a big pout and left the store.

28 days later, and I was still thinking about the T-Shirt. 48 Days later and it is there, at the back of my mind. Moschino had its summer sale and I watched most items sell to other fashion fans, and I wasn’t hugely fussed, but that T-Shirt haunted me. I even searched the Selfridges website in blind panics in-case they had it listed at the sale price, however, they never did, and I was left with fashion regret. Yes the T-Shirt can still be found at certain outlets, but it’s no longer at that fabulous sale price. The problem with designers, especially runway pieces, is that you have to get them there and then. You can’t wait 5 months till you’ve saved some extra money. Fashion comes and goes in the blink of an eye and you have to grab pieces you’ll love forever while you can, nothing is worth the regret! So that was the Moschino T-Shirt incident, did I learn my lesson? Nope, next came the Prada!

As I was window shopping while NOT wearing a Moschino Toy T-Shirt, I went into the Nottingham Branch of Flannels. A store that I have recently become a huge fan of (new Flannels post coming soon!). I wondered around once again and BOOM, I saw the word sale. Me and my cousin practically ran over to the table and there she was. A beauty in black leather, the perfect petit size, and she fit my arm like a dream.

The price? Well reduced from £1,500 to £785 (that’s like 50% off guys, HELLO!) it was love at first sight and I needed her. As per the Moschino T-Shirt I touched her (not inappropriately of course!) Held her in my hands, and stood in the large mirror to see how we looked together. She was soooo pretty, and let’s face it, she was a classic Prada bag!

I did the same as before, I told myself she was an unjustified cost, that I had just bought an apartment and already spent plenty of money. Therefore the Prada bag was left standing, alone, on the sale table. That was several days ago, and all I can think of is how she would have been a perfect addition to the already extensive bag collection I have. The fashion regret has taken hold. Why? Because it was a classic style, black leather Prada handbag that was half price. A rare sight to see yet I left her alone on the sale table, something I now regret.

The moral of this story is to listen to your heart, buy first and think later. Let’s face it, if you change your mind you can return right? Some people will probably laugh at my advice, but then those people probably haven’t experience fashion regret. It’s a real thing, and I am getting help!