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Monday Manicure: The Louboutin Red...

A few weeks ago I took my bi-annual trip to London to indulge in the new season fashions. I always take a trip to the capital twice a year for the spring and autum/winter collections. This year due to being extremely busy moving and with work, I took this my second London excursion slightly earlier than normal, and as per usual, I bought too much, spent too much, ate too much, and certainly walked too much!

One of the items on my shopping list for London was the Christian Louboutin Nail Polish in Rouge Louboutin. The nail polish collection by Louboutin was first launched in 2014, however as the majority of stockists are in London and I like the luxury of shopping instore rather than shopping online, it was taken me over a year to grab a bottle!

“The red sole was born from red nail polish. I am giving back to beauty what the shoes took from the nails many years ago.” –Christian Louboutin

As many brands are branching out into beauty you may be mistaken for thinking this is just another business move as per many other brands on the market. However Louboutin has history with nail varnish! In 1992 Christian Louboutin was creating the Pensée shoe. Having sketched the shoe perfectly, he was disappointed when he saw the prototype - a certain 'je ne sais quoi' was missing. Whilst racking his brains on what was lacking, he spotted his assistant painting her nails. The designer spontaneously grabbed the nail polish and proceeded to paint the bottom of the shoe. Et voilà - the signature rouge Louboutin sole was born.Twenty two years later, Louboutin exclaims he "is giving back to nails what the shoe took from the nails many years ago."

Enough of the history behind the polish, lets get to the fabulous item itself. I got mine from Selfridges, which is a store I love! Please note that you have to go to the shoe department not the beauty department if you are going to follow in my footsteps so just head to the Louboutins and the polish stand is just outside.

As I have said, I got the signature colour, which is an exact colour match of the Louboutin sole, called Rouge Louboutin. The bottle is designed to copy a heel, and the Rouge Louboutin, as its the signature, has a larger bottle cap and therefore spike, than any other colour in the range.

So we have established that the bottle is just fabulous, but is the varnish itself just as good? Well last week I thought I would give it a whirl and see. I always do my manicure on a Sunday night, and as a busy worker, my manicures MUST last a full week till the next sunday as I have no time inbetween, so my products certainly need to be hard wearing. I usually use an OPI basecoat and top coat and this manicure was no different.

The Rouge Louboutin colour was vibrant and went on like a dream. I was worried that due to the huge spike on the brush that it would be hard to handle, however after the first nail I did notice that its weighted at the brush end, and is no problem at all. The polish covered with no streaks by one coat and dried very quickly. I did two coats for a deep, rich Louboutin red colour, then followed once dry by my usual OPI Nail Envy top coat.

By wednesday I did notice that on my index finger nail I had slight wear, but it was so tiny that nobody could really spot it. No chips or marks, but it still had several days to go!

By Friday I took a look under my dressing table lamp to hunt for damage, and I was happy to spy that I still had no chips. By this point I did however have some wear at the edges, where my polish has rubbed. With cheap brands this usually causes chips and flakes, but not with Rouge Louboutin.

By Sunday the story was still the same, no flakes or chips, but some rubbing at the end, therefore I was a happy bunny, and certainly will be adding Christian Louboutin Nail Polish within my collection as it has passed the 7 day test.

Rouge Louboutin is just as beautiful as the Louboutin shoes and is certainly just as hard wearing, lustful and striking. The price? Well, just like the shoes, you certainly can find a cheaper alernative, at £36 a bottle its certainly not the cheapest polish out there but quality speaks for itself, and that bottle it just as stunning on your dressing table as a pair of Louboutins are on your feet.

Oh and do you want to know another Louboutin secret? Well stay tuned, at Louboutin, it only gets better... and you'll be among the first to hear it at HOWSTE!

For stockists, try Selfridges, Christian Louboutin and Harvey Nichols (both online and instore).