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Manolo Blahnik: A bag of ideas...

I love that I am about to say this, its something that never crossed my mind, but as a bag fan would never turn down... Manolo Blahnik now does bags!

While most shoe designers have already branched out, Manolo Blahnik was one of few original shoe designers to just do shoes. Well, that was then, it has been revealed (with photos) that Manolo Blahnik will be launching his first bag collection to accompany his range of shoes this Autumn. The range encompasses design features of some of his favourite styles, and yes, Carrie Bradshaw's famous blue hangisi pumps now have a bag to match!

Manolo Blahnik has been slow to jump on the accessories wagon, in his latest interview with Vogue he revealed that he was slow as he "had no rush in getting this done" and that "I like to make things beautifully and sometimes to get something right takes time." So that's why we have had to wait so long for Manolo Blahnik bags, but was the wait worth it? Well, yes, but only for one clutch bag, and that's the blue hangisi bag that was designed to go with the famous Carrie Bradshaw blue hangisi pumps, and like the pumps, the clutch comes in many different colours to match. The rest of the collection is lovely, but overall nothing hugely spectacular.

"This collection came up because it is something that I really wanted to do - I had no rush in getting this done," "I like to make things beautifully and sometimes to get something right it takes time. At the moment I have no plans to make other accessories. For the moment I would like to enjoy the bags, and I am already thinking about more bags for next season!" "I am always inspired by beautiful women from the past and present, so when I thought about doing a collection of bags, I was sure they were going to be evening bags for the women of today," "I love ornaments in my shoes so why not add these to the bags too? These bags are an extension of some of the shoe styles I really like as I wanted to keep the connection between the shoes and bags."

Now before I get to all of the bags from his debut Autumn collection I need to tell you how much, and where you can get them. First of all get ready for deep breaths! The collection is priced from £1,320 to £1,480, my first thought was "oh, overpriced" but after reading all the news reviews I have learnt that the bags are of high quality featuring rainbows of satin and beautiful Swarovski crystals that form the focal point of the bags, reminiscent of Blahnik's famous encrusted styles. Even so, a considered purchase for something that you can only fit an iphone and Chanel lip gloss in (if you're lucky!). The collection will be available at the brands London flagship on Old Church Street, at Liberty and also Harrods and they hit stores last week. Will I be after my Carrie Bradshaw bag? Well, I do love the bag, but not at that price. Unless I marry a millionaire and get to charge it to his black card and call it a 'wife expense' then no, as for that price I think I'm more likely invest in a more substantial item from Louis Vuitton or Chanel, but it is certainly on my wish list, yano, just in case!

Look below for the whole collection and a video Blahnik release before the launch! Credits: Vogue, PA, Manolo Blahnik