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Paris Hilton...

The title explains exactly what this post is about, no witty quotes or whimsical lyrics, this post is about Paris Hilton. Don't worry, I won't start with the usual "When I was a little girl..." I'm saying it straight. I am, have been, and will always be a little Hilton. I'm a fan. Not one of these aggressive, diehard, 'I'll slit myself if she does something silly' fan, but I do freaking love her. In the UK I do sometimes feel I'm in the minority, as let's face it, there are a few misconceptions about her. People dislike her because they think she's dumb, famous for being famous, for getting everything given to her... Wrong wrong wrong, this girls got game sista! Yes, she may have played an airhead socialite heiress in The Simple Life but she openly admits that was a role that her and fellow star Nicole Richie was recruited by fox to portray. Paris has worked hard, and her multimillion dollar empire is proof of that. Not only does she have 18 fragrances, she DJ's and has released an album as well as several singles. She has her own stores in the Middle East, a handbag range, watch collection, sunglasses, beauty products, films, books, TV shows, a career in modelling, a shoe range, a hotel... Do I need to go on? If you follow her on Instagram or Snapchat you'll know that she works hard, and is devoted to her fans. She's elegant, fun, beautiful, charismatic and a true idol (in my opinion). This is why when I got the chance to go and see her at a meet and greet in Liverpool I booked it, without a second thought!

They say you should never meet your idol, but scrap that. Meeting her only made me love her even more. She's poised, delicate natured, she has a soft voice and is beautiful, slender and tall, stunning. She was fantastic with her fans, kissing children, giving hugs, taking photos and signing any items you wanted signing. She even took the time to have a small chat with each of the 1,000 plus people stood in the queue. Sometimes being a fan of someone, or something, is irrational, but when you meet someone so perfect, you can understand it!

I believe everybody should strive to be their best, and Paris Hilton encompasses all. She's a business woman with a huge successful brand and range of products. She's poised and beautiful, kind and enjoys life to the full, and if that's not something to aspire too, then I don't know what is...

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