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Pandora, Pandora, Pandora, the end is nigh...

I have been obsessed with Pandora jewellery for over two years now. It first started when I was in sixth form just before they became popular. I had seen a few of the charm bracelets but I didn't like them, I just wasn't a fan favouring more tradition charm bracelets. After time had passed and the brand became more popular, as a sheep, I began to like them and two years later I'm stood in store looking at the collection available wondering if I got slightly hooked. As you many know I love jewellery and Pandoras cute charms and shiny silver may of possessed me on many shopping trips. I currently have 5 different bracelets with many different charms and a selection of rings. They're pretty and I love them, but I feel I'm now over the pandora hype.


I first started with my silver charm bracelet, I bought most of the charms myself and as on normal charm bracelets, each charm represents a little bit of me. As I got slightly obsessed last year with Pandora it only took a few months for my bracelet to fill up as every payday I would find myself in store lusting over little pieces of shaped silver. Pandora very often have some really good sale promotions too, for example last year I shopped the 'buy two rings and get the third free' and 'spend over £x and you get a free bracelet' to name a few. These deals happen every so often so keep an our out as you can get some good bargains, plus they're fun to shop. These also helped me obtain my Pandora collection.


Now that my Pandora charm bracelet, called the moments bracelet, is full, I am going to move on to my newer essence bracelet. I actually got this bracelet for free on one of Pandora's promotions. Each charm, or bead, represents a facet of your character and have the wording engraved on the side. The bead itself is made from sterling silver and gemstone, some are natural and some are man made. I love that this bracelet sits very delicately on my wrist and looks very cute and slender, great for stacking! However, I may have plans to complete another Pandora bracelet and complete my collection (I think I want to buy the five clip bracelet too, and maybe a necklace?!) but I feel the grip of pandora, and my obsession has now subsided. The brand is as popular as ever and when a promotion is running you can often see queues outside the store, but for me, the end of the chapter is approaching, and what a fun journey it's been.







*since I wrote this piece I regret to inform that 3 of my Pandora items suspiciously disappeared, therefore officially ending my love for the brand