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February 20, 2020

January 10, 2020

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The Mini Bag Trend...


For the last few seasons the mini bag trend has been on my radar, however unlike most bag trends, I'm not a fan. Why you ask? Because dem tings are over priced! I do find the mini bags that are on offer cute, every brand has them from Fendi to Michael Kors. However do you really want to spend £600 on a Fendi mini bag that's so small you cant fit an iphone in? Not really. So if the bags are THAT small shouldn't they be called bag charms or something? Yes, but who would pay £600 for a bag charm? Certainly not me, even if I had £600 spare. Therefore I will admire these iccle things from afar. Yes the mini bags are cute, but they aren't functional nor cost effective, and that coming from a bag obsessive is truly saying something!












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