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Louis Love...

I've bought a new bag and it's fabulous! Just picture the scene, Its 2004 and you're sat in your IT lesson with a boring teacher that has sweat stains the size of swimming pools. You're rather bored and the label addiction hasn't really taken hold yet but you're interested enough to spend your lesson sneakily searching the web, mainly because Bebo and Facebook are blocked. Gucci, Prada, De La Renta and then Louis Vuitton. Each time adding up a mental wishlist that would stay in my head for years to come. Louis Vuitton was sleek, elegant, out of reach and because of the recent teaming up with Takashi Murakami at that time, it was multicolor! Takashi Murakami is a Japanese contemporary artist whom along with Marc Jacobs who was then at the helm of Vuitton, reimagined the famous LV logo into a colourful silk screen print of 33 colours. I instantly loved it, it was young, fresh, bright and exciting. Not only that it was such an 'it' design that celebrities, socialites and fashion addicts alike were seen carrying a piece. Unfortunately I never shopped the collection the first time around, I had only just started school in 2003 and therefore by 2004 still hadn't acquired the help of MasterCard yet. As time has past most of the multicolor pieces have been discontinued, few pieces remain and they all either have hefty price tags or they're not the right fit for me. My ultimate multicolor bag is the pochette which was discontinued a few years ago, however as the founder, Louis Vuitton looked down at me from above wearing his 1854 outfit I stumbled across a black multicolor pochette that was in fantastic condition. Barely aged, hardly been unused, at a price I could reach, so I grabbed it!






As you can see he is in amazing condition considering he is almost 11 years old. Louis Vuitton uses untreated, natural cowhide and with time and use it darkens and patina's. As the item has hardly been used its still light. As I bought this item preloved I spent almost a week researching into authenticity and signs to help authenticate items so I will be following this post with all the tips I have uncovered during my research. I just need a White multicolor piece in my collection, but for now however, I'm all dressed up and ready to take my new best friend out for caviar and cosmopolitans. Au revoir!