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Fifty Shades of Grey

Well, it had to be done! Me and my single friends decided that the best plan for Valentine's Day would be to indulge in Christian Grey. I hadn't read the books but did want to see what all the film hype was about. So with the tickets booked and one week to go, I started reading the first book of the trilogy to see what had got everybody hooked. I must admit it wasn't exactly well written, some parts cringe worthy even, but the story of mysterious billionaire Christian Grey and slightly mousy Anastasia Steele had me intrigued. If you take out the graphic sex scenes and smutty wording it had hints of romance, passion, lust and seduction. Let's face it, the amateurish writing isn't pride and prejudice but I liked it. I never got to finish the book before I watched the film. I got through approximately half of it, but that's no loss, though I'm my opinion the film is better having read the book. It helps the film make more sense and you get an insight in what the characters are thinking. The books is a 3 out of 5 for me, but then I barely manage reading vogue from cover to cover. The film was certainly a 4.5 out of 5. Mainly because of the constant sexual chemistry, great musical input and Jamie Dornan's eyes! The film also had a very 'Twilight' feel about it.



As it was Valentine's Day and I would be spending it with friends, plus it was my first outing since Christmas, I decided on Dior to dress up my look. I'll tell you more about how my vintage Christian Dior top came about in another post, but below are photos of my "Meeting Mr Grey" outfit.




Black blazer draped over shoulders, H&M Black Jeans and Black shirt, New Look T-shirt/tank top, Christian Dior Shoes, Toms Bag, Louis Vuitton

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