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The London Collections: Men...

The Men's London Collections finished a few days ago and I have been reviewing all the show photos and videos to pick out my favourite items and trends for Autumn/Winter 2015. It may feel like a lifetime away but it will be here in no time. If I am totally honest, I have only homed in on the key designers that I know will wet my apatite and thirst for fall fashion. I started by streaming one of my current favourite brands of the moment, yes you guessed it, the Moschino men's show. It was full of colour, contained fur and fake snow, plus most of the men were topless, fabulous right? The first things I loved that are no on my shopping list to look out for are the colourful patchwork items below. They were in perfect winter colours, had Moschino branding and came in everything from cardigans to jeggings (Yes I said Jeggings, if Moschino sent it down the runway then its fine by me!).

1 (14).jpg
1 (15).jpg

Moschino also had some amazing fur items for next season. I love the fox tail keyrings that were hooked on bags, trousers and coats. The also had some really great men's jackets that had fur trims. I must admit that some of the items were, well, a little camp, but I love fur. You cant beat a fur jacket in winter.

1 (8).jpg
1 (11).jpg
1 (1).jpg

Bags bags bags... I adore bags and I spotted mini versions of Moschinos large jacket bag hung around some of the models necks. These look so cute and are perfect to fulfil the petit bag trend that is happening. A mini bag in the shape of a leather jacket? How can you not love that?! On my list these go, I personally love the black one.

1 (9).jpg
1 (12).jpg

The last look I really enjoyed was only worn by one model. It was the black jewel encrusted cardigan, trousers and bag set. I love the cardigan and hope to see that in stores. It would be great for New Year parties or Christmas nights out.

1 (13).jpg

One thing I noticed from the Moschino show is that Jeremy Scott FINALLY came out and walked the runway, to applause, of course!

1 (10).jpg

Moschino had it and so did Topman... The trend? Faux fur! Topman Design had a very dated 'rockstar' thing going on that I was NOT a fan off. I did spot two fur jackets that hinted that men next season may be daring the fur trend. The second look with the jacket zipped up is something I would totally rock.

4 (1).jpg
4 (2).jpg

The next show I watched was the Alexander McQueen show. It was full of sinister but cool crypt-keeper looks, the show had a black backdrop and all the models had pale faces with slick wet look hair flattened to their heads. After watching the show I picked out all the tailored jackets. I loved the floral trimming and sections that were mixed with traditional jacket fabrics. I also loved the mixture of different tones in the all black garments. Need a fancy new dinner jacket or suit for a winter event? See McQueen!

1 (6).jpg
1 (7).jpg
5 (1).jpg
5 (2).jpg
5 (3).jpg
6 (1).jpg
6 (2).jpg

Just imagine yourself next winter, its cold and windy and you're in the middle of the city, what do you need? Well, a new jacket of course. You may have liked Alexander McQueens formal tailoring with mixtures of black and prints but you will need a more casual jacket for every day use and this is where JW Anderson can step in. I watched the show and as usual it was flamboyant, fabulous and he experimented with cuts and colour. Out of the whole collection I spotted two great jackets with sheepskin trims and detailing. They're a classic that can take you from winter season to winter season and keep working hard in your closet. Hopefully one of these will work their way into my wardrobe.

2 (1).jpg
2 (2).jpg

Burberry is a big name in mans fashion at the moment and after reviewing the looks I picked out one look that I will be rocking, as per the JW Anderson show, Burberry had Sheepskin jackets (new key trend next season for men?). Burberry however teamed theirs with a cool loosely draped scarf and suave glasses.


Last but not least, a few looks from the London College of Fashion MA. Well what can I say about the show? First of all I would like to add a disclaimer that I had those eyebrows first! Secondly, print! I personally love mixing plain items with bold prints and the Fashion MA show had plenty of that. Below are some of my chosen looks. I loved the red suit with the huge pop of baroque gold print. As per McQueen we had plain jackets with floral sections/trims and I love the colour combination of the last look, Khaki mixed with light blues and orange? Not something I would usually put together, but it works. Plus the fit of the jacket is great!

3 (1).jpg
3 (2).jpg
3 (3).jpg
3 (4).jpg

Winter 2015 wishlist complete: Moschino patchwork items, fur, sheepskin jackets. The rest will be a bonus!

Rights to photos owned by corresponding designer.