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Diamonds are dead...

Let's face it, diamonds will never be dead. They will no doubt be a girls best friend till the end of time, but unfortunately they're expensive. This is something I've always known, but it hit home when I decided to treat myself to a new piece of jewellery after having a rubbish Christmas and New Year. As per normal, when I say piece of jewellery, I mean several pieces. I'm a huge jewellery fan and already have a large collection. I personally love gemstones and enjoy the vivid colours and clarity they can offer. I also like leaning about the geological facts of each piece I buy and add to my collection. There are many natural gemstones that you can buy at an affordable price in sterling silver that are stunning colours, bright, shiny and eye catching. I've found that gemstones like amethyst, topaz, citrine, garnet and peridot can be bought at a good price, and you certainly can get a lot of bang for your buck. On my mini jewellery spending spree I bought a huge 7ct blue topaz ring in sterling silver. It's big, bold and beautiful. I've had so many comments on it as it seems to shine from within, even in the dark it seems to pick up the slightest piece of light and refract it out around the room. It's beautiful.


To buy this in a diamond you'd need enough money to buy several homes over, not only that, try finding a blue diamond in that size? After searching the globe you may source one, but it's gunna cost ya! If you're a jewellery lover but have only ever shopped at places like Pandora, H Samuel and Ernest Jones for example then open your eyes. I used to shop at these places and not only are they expensive, you don't have much gem choice. Shop around, try pawn brokers to pick up gold and diamond pieces without the huge high street mark up. QVC is one of the biggest retailers for jewellery so check out there website like I have in the past, you can pick up many great deals in its clearance section.


The other pieces I bought include a small Pandora ring which was in the sale. It's silver and gold with a single small diamond, they only had one size left, and guess what?! It happened to be my ring finger size! I wasn't initially sure if I would keep this ring or return it when I first opened the parcel. Yes it's pretty, and yes it's cute, but it's small, not very eye catching and just 'nice'. It didn't give me the wow factor, but that might be because I'd just opened a package full of gems, sparkle, colour and at 7ct, size!


On this mini haul I also bought a 0.4ct Tanzanite scatter ring, a 4ct Rose de France Amethyst and a 3.8ct Ametrine ring. All of which are pretty in different ways. The Ametrine ring however is slightly more special. An Ametrine stone is a mixture of Amethyst and a Citrine and my stone is sourced from Bolivia which is where most of this gemstone is mined. The stone has different sections of colour visible due to different oxidation states that occur due to there being a temperature difference across the stone during its formation. It's an unusual piece and very pretty, and that's why it landed its way into my jewellery box.


If you enjoy beautiful and sometimes unusual pieces of jewellery then have a shop around as there are some bargains waiting to be purchased, and theres nothing more satisfying than sliding a stunning ring on your finger and watching it sparkle. Save diamonds for your engagement ring, and enjoy the other gifts from the ground.