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Oh, its DKNY or Die...

Work has been hell. Literally hell. I feel stressed, tired and overworked. You may have read in other posts that I work in the NHS, and it is well known for being a stressful environment to work within. Large responsibility, long hours, low pay & having to deal with some very unhappy people. Some would tackle stressful days at work with a small glass of wine before bed, some exercise, some spend time with the family. I however, shop. I shop... A lot . It's an addiction that sometimes makes me feel sick to my stomach with guilt, but I always chase the release of endorphins that you get when you swipe that shiny little Visa card. After my awful few weeks at work I decided I needed the release of those beautiful endorphins, and some new additions to my wardrobe. I have many fashion apps on my phone and after looking at The Outnets iPhone app I found these beautiful DKNY bags. First I saw the the green, it was 40% off and oh so pretty, so I added it to my bag and 2 minutes later it was on its way to me.


The Outnet is a high end discount website selling last seasons designer clothes at discounted prices. It is the sister site to premier high fashion retailer Net A Porter and is a great way to bag last seasons Valentino at 60% off, or DKNY for that matter! The following day I browsed the "what's new" section, as I usually do. It was about 11am, this is when they seem to upload new items. I was scrolling through the bargain Balmain, and BOOM! It was yellow, it was 40% off, it was DKNY, I needed it! Even though I had bought the exact same bag the day before I couldn't stop myself, add to bag, checkout, and it's all mine. Usually this would of made my week, Two beautiful saffiano leather bags in beautiful summer colours winging its way to me, but these few weeks at work had been bad! I needed more. The following day came, another day at work. It was raining, I was sad. My bags hadn't come yet and I frantically looked at The Outnet app to check if my items had been dispatched. I hit the what's new section and the third bag caught my eye. It was DKNY or die, light powder blue & perfect. My heart raced, I couldn't afford it, I didn't need it, I had two the same already, but my god I had to have it. Once again, I hit add to bag, checkout, and it was mine.


It was a Friday when they were delivered. They were all boxed and beautifully wrapped in DKNY dust bags. They all had there own key chain, and it felt like a family. Me and my bags, me and my children, a gift from Donna Karen herself. The moral of the story is do what makes you happy. It's not logical, you can't justify it, you can't explain it. It's the search for happiness, and if it seeks you out in the form of fashion after a few awful weeks at work. Then go for it! Your happiness is the only thing that matters. It's DKNY or die.