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Wednesday Workwear...

It's Wednesday, I have work, I have nothing to wear. I work within the NHS and like many of the working world I have a uniform to adhere to, but how can you express yourself and your love of fashion while wearing the same teal shirt and black trousers five days a week? Not only that, how can you encompass style and enjoy fashion while sticking to your work wear rules? Well, fashion is about pushing boundaries right? This is how I express my personal style, love of clothing & jewels while wearing a uniform to work and trying to stick to work wear rules.

This is my basic uniform I have to wear for work. The teal colour isn't exactly kind on my skin tone and it screams WORK UNIFORM! Adding a scarf around my neck which you will see below helps soften the harsh teal colour against my skin and adding a black, loose fit jacket shows that I'm professional for those scary "I'm a professional" days when your manager wants to review your work! If it gets chilly I add a studded jumper, a classic but with an edge.

Jewellery at work is my best friend. It's one of the main ways I can express that I'm more than a uniform. I have many rings and bracelets that I layer for work. I'm all about the matchy matchy when it comes to fashion, and I stay with that rule when it comes to my jewellery. If I'm wearing a pearl ring, I'll always make sure I'm wearing a matching pearl bracelet, necklace and earrings. Lots of the time I match my nails to my jewellery too. It expresses the fact I like to be well put together. If I'm wearing garnet jewellery, I'll wear a matching nail polish. Sometimes I spice it up by having a nude colour on my most of my nails and having the odd ones painted in a strong colour.

Another way I personally express myself at work is with make up. I first started using make up to cover my extremely problematic skin. It boosted my confidence and I've used it ever since. At work I'll usually go for a strong eye or lip. Yes I may be in Yves Saint Laurent Rouge and have the new Christian Louboutin nail colour on my ring fingers, but please, don't expect me in drag!

So that's my little nod to my own personal style and love of fashion while I'm at work, hopefully it gave you some ideas to maybe slightly push the boundaries of workwear to express you and your own style. However, if you can't get away with mountains of jewellery at work and Chanel's slightly daring new season lipstick, then please remember, just because your boss is a bitch doesn't mean you can't treat your journey to work as a Moschino runway. Dress up your uniform, pout, and rock your workwear!

Like my workwear inspiration? I shall be following up this post with #WorkwearWednesdays, giving you hump day style inspiration to help spice up your workwear.

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