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The New Louis Vuitton - Did I judge too soon?...

It was March when I first saw the debut collection by Nicolas Ghesquière for Louis Vuitton and I previously had high hopes. I streamed it live and sat in anticipation. He was handsome, he was new, and the shows stage looked completely different to Louis Vuittons previous outlandish events. The music started and I loved it, Skream Ft Kelis - Copycat filled my ears as the first look walked out. "Oh, that's not the Louis Vuitton I knew, Oh god, That's leather, Wait, ewwww, What's that print? She looks dirty..." My head muttered words and phrases that I have never spoken before while watching a runway show. It was awful, it was not what I was expecting, it had all been done in the past by previous designers, I did not like it! Leather & print like that was nice, but there are several other designers that do it better, Marni for example do it well! I watched the whole show and then sat in silence. I loved Marc Jacobs designing for Louis Vuitton, he gave us luxurious prints, he was bold, he oozed the luxury 'in your face' designs Louis Vuitton was known for, and that, I loved. I like Nicolas Ghesquière but I just did not like that collection, the models looked stick thin and pale with greasy, unkempt hair. The clothes were very vintage, but not in a good way. I described the collection to close friends as 'ex socialite turned crack whore'. That was it, I didn't like Louis Vuittons new direction for the brand. I had walked! Summer has past since that disappointing moment occurred and all the Autumn/Winter campaigns are officially out and proud. I love autumn fashion, its my favourite. Nothing makes my visa card work harder than the autumn collections. As I flick through Septembers British Vogue, with the beautiful Cara Delevigne gracing the cover (Love her!) I come across the collection I hated. The Louis Vuitton campaign, well I must admit it didn't offend me the second time around, I looked at the new style one handled Doc BB speedy with a slight glint in my eye, it may not be in monogram canvas, but I liked it. The new style Petite-Malle fuelled me to visit the Louis Vuitton website. This has also had a make-over in the last few months with a new layout. I tried to resist the 1970's vibe that some of the pieces gave off, I tried to ignore the retro campaigns, but I feel my heart falling. As the new season approaches, I grow fonder of the new Louis Vuitton. I really do not want to, but I am. So why did I feel so strongly at the beginning? Was it because it was so different? Or was it because I was not ready to fall back into 1970's inspired fashion? The moral of the story is not to write something off so quickly, a season may pass and what you once turned your nose at may be the apple of your eye. As for Louis Vuitton, I am still undecided how I feel. However, the one handled leather speedy's and Petite-Malle clutch are on my fall wish list, and I feel this may be my road down to Louis-Love once more.

Nicolas Ghesquiere.jpg

Look how cute Nicolas Ghesquière is, Eeeeeek... designer crush!

Below is a copy of the letter Ghesquière wrote before his debut show.

Nicolas Ghesquiere for Louis Vuitton first bow.jpg

Can you spot the adorable Doc BB Speedy and Petite-Malle in the runway show? Watch it below.