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Welcome to my wardrobe - An Introduction, Part Deux...

Over the last few posts and on my 'About' section I have introduced myself and the HOWSTE Journal to you all, and now it's time to introduce you to the reason HOWSTE exists, my wardrobe. By now you all know I love fashion, clothes and accessories and over the last few years I have started to accumulate quite a few treasured items. From bags & clothing to jewellery & accessories, I hereby introduce you to my wardrobe...


I am going to start with the pink and white units that currently house my bags. I love bags and have more than I can possibly count. Last year I did actually count them all and I counted 68, I have bought a few more since then! As you can see on the top of the my bag stand I have a few pieces of designer wrapping that use to accessorise. I use alot of this around my dressing room, plus I have a few cute shopping ornaments I got from a Tiger store on holiday in Brighton.


I have many designer and highstreet bags that adorn my bag stands, some in dustbags and some not. Inside the unit I have all my purses, gloves and a few accessories. Most of my designer items came with dustbags, I use these to store them and I have also bought down pillows to stuff them so they stay in shape. The top shelf houses my two Louis Vuitton Speedy's. These are both stuffed to keep their shape.


My second unit holds more of my bags.


The bottom of this unit contains my jewelled clutches, purses and a few accessories. I love bags and most of my designer purchases are bags. Lets face it, you can use a bag at any time, any season, anywhere. Unfortunatly my bag stands dont hold all my bags and I store other bags all over my room as you can see below. Some are on the side of my bed, some are hanging from the back of my droor and some are even next to my dressing table with my bathroom products.


Bags bags bags, now thats heaven! Next is my wardrobe and designer rail. The rail contains all my designer clothes and they are all photographed and in dustbags. The photo is placed on the front of the dustbag with the garments tags so that I know which item is which.


As you can see my wardrobe is close to bursting but I have no room for a bigger one. On the top of my wardrobe I store all the designer packaging, shopping bags and boxes that many of my items came in. Sometimes the packaging is just as nice as the item itself!


I also have shopping bags hanging from the side of my wardrobe, a little excessive I must admit. I worked hard for this mess, but I adore it all.


Next is where my jewellery is stored. I have a shelf that contains all my Anna Dello Russo pieces from her collaboration with H&M. Under that a have a lockable jewellery box that contains all my real jewellery. I also have a black chandelier here.


Next to my jewellery I have a small orange office box file with work papers etc, however these are once again surrounded by shopping bags and boxes from previous H&M collaborations.


Next is my dressing table that is lined with products from the likes of Chanel, Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld. A cut crystal ring holder contains my jewellery for the next day and a pink mirror I got at a bargain store called B&M sits at an angle across from a Versace at H&M shopping bag. The shopping bag contains a few items I bought from the collection.


I love buying home furnishings and accessories and I have a few dotted around my room. I have lovely mirrored Butterflys and flowers around my glass-crystal chandelier and a few glass ornaments on a self near my tv.


I have photos and small Yankee Candle tea lights next to tall black wine glasses for those times you fancy a glass of wine while you are getting ready. I also have an old Moet Champagne bottle by the side of my small tv that I use as a vase. I thought it looked chic and it fits perfectly. Also notice the cheeky tiara given to me by a random woman in a club a few years ago. I have kept it ever since, afterall, I am a princess!


Last but not least on my mini tour of my wardrobe is Vogue, as lets face it, no dressing area would be complete without this seasons Bible, right?


And with that, it is the end of my mini tour. Its a mess, not complete and may look disorganised. However its mine, I have made the best from what I have, I have worked hard and I love it. These items will always be with me and I love them dearly. I have introduced you to myself, and now my closet, so let the real fun begin....