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31 Questions in 31 Minutes - An Introduction, Part Une...

While out for a business dinner with my friend Jade, enjoying good food and wine, we came to the conclusion that doing a 31 question edit would be the best way to introduce myself. I'm never good with these "tell me about you" questions and felt it would be easier to answer other peoples question about me than ask them myself. So here goes:

1. Key facts about you? Well I'm 22, live in Nottingham and I work within the NHS. I'm currently doing this journal as a hobby because it's something I enjoy. I love socialising with friends, traveling, and of course, fashion.

2. Describe yourself in 10 words? Honest, driven, social, positive, ambitious, friendly, unique, intelligent, fashionable, quirky and unconventional, but in a good way of course. Oh wait, that's 11 words, oopsy!

3. What's your favourite fashion brand? This is a hard question, I don't have an all time favourite brand. Somedays I feel like being a Chanel boy, channelling elegant monochrome with classic silhouettes and oozing princess-like decorum. Other days however, I'm feeling Versace, luxurious fabrics, bold colours and prints to stand out in the crowd. My current favourite brands are Louis Vuitton for monogram madness accessories. Moschino for fun, fast fashion pieces and Chanel for chic elegance. These will no doubt all change with the next collections when I find a new designer look to channel, like days gone by of me desperately trying to pull of the 'Saint Laurent' look.

4. Which designers represent you as a person? Ooh this is a fun question. I feel I'm a cross between Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel, Donatella Versace at Versace and Alber Elbaz at Lanvin.

5. Who and what inspires you? I love an independent, strong women who juggle it all. Think Carrie Bradshaw and the Sex in the City girls, Andrea from The a Devil Wears Prada & Rachel Zoe. Stylish, hardworking, serious women that are also fun. I find that people inspire me more than things.

6. Can high street ever compare to designer? It certainly can. I wear mainly high street items with carefully chosen designer pieces thrown in. Let's face it, the high street won't ever be a couture piece, but if you shop smart and go to the right places you can pick up a gem to last a lifetime.

7. Favourite high street brands? I love H&M, Zara, Topman & Topshop. I'm always grazing the high street for the next gem to find a home in my wardrobe.

8. Which runway show do you look forward to most of all? Moschino shows are always fun, especially since Jeremy Scott started. I also love the Chanel couture shows.

9. What's your first fashion memory? My grans wardrobe. It had that certain fragrance that wafted in the air, to this day I still don't know what it was. She had luxurious furs, and gold jewellery to die for!

10. You go to a bar you order? A cosmopolitan, because I'm Carrie Bradshaw... obviously! Then again, any cocktail will do, or white wine, or any wine!

11. Your favourite item? I love Louis Vuitton Luggage. I currently have 3 pieces and always take them when I travel, my Speedy 35 is my favourite.

12. What can't you live without? I can't think of just ONE thing I can't live without, I'm too materialistic!

13. City, countryside or coast? I'm a city boy, for sure!

14. Your favourite fashion week? Paris all the way, with Milan coming next.

15. Why did you decide to make a blog? To fulfil my fashion obsession. I love it, I live it, I breath it. I've seen many other blogs and it seemed so much fun. Expressing yourself to an audience, receiving feedback, being "in the club" of 20-something stylish people who also live for fashion. I had always wanted to do it, so I did it! Plus it's a Journal, not a blog!

16. Where do you see HOWSTE in 10 years time? In 10 years I'd love to have a strong readership of fashion savvy followers. I want HOWSTE to be interactive, to be able to view a Burberry show and to inform my readership the best parts to look out for 10 minutes later. I'd like to inspire through fashion and nurture confidence. In 10 years I see a dressing room to die for and happiness. I just hope people enjoy following my journey with me through HOWSTE.

17. What does HOWSTE represent? HOWSTE is all about fun through fashion, being unique, dressing for you and your personality. It's about indulging fashion lovers in the styles they adore. I will never tell people how to dress or what they can't do. Fashion is all about self expression and it should be a happy and fun process to wear something you love and enjoy.

H - Honest

O - Open & Opulent

W - Whimsical

S - Stylish

T - Thought Provoking

E - Exciting & Ever Changing

18. Do you have a mission statement or motto? To bring fashion in an informative, thought provoking, influential and relevant way to everyday life. To inspire through fashion, nurture confidence and bring empowerment through dressing. Fashion is all around us, indulge yourself in it and rise to be the person you've always wanted to be...

19. Have any fears for HOWSTE? I'm worried people won't get me, or even dislike me. I'm worried that I won't come across as myself because I have many sides to me, like we all do.

20. What would you wear at your wedding? It would be custom made in cream silk with lace... I have a vision, it's fabulous, and you all will need to wait till that day comes!

21. What annoys you? People that are narrow minded and awfully fitting tailored clothing.

22. What misconception do people have about you? That I'm bitchy. I'm really not at all. I'm open minded and kind natured, I feel I can understand other peoples views and perspectives, and because of this, I try not to judge, and therefore bitch. Many people think I'm snobby also, I'm not. Whether it's a Primark or Prada, if it's amazing, then it's amazing!

23. Favourite music? I love alllll kinds of music, it just depends on my mood. The only genre I don't really listen to is rock. I secretly love grime but don't tell anyone...

24. What is causal wear to you? Awful.

25. Favourite film? I love classic chic-flicks and horror films. All time classics like Pretty woman & Titanic are always on my list. I love The Devil Wears Prada and because I'm practically Rebecca Bloomwood I feel Confessions of a Shopaholic is amaze! Can't beat Mean Girls too & gory horrors like Saw.

26. Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire or harpers bazaar? Vogue all the way...

27. What are you currently obsessed with? Moschino AW14/15

28. Bomber jacket or trench coat? Trench. I'm not a Bomber kinda boy... Unless it's Versace. Remember Versace for H&Ms bomber jacket? To. Freaking. Die. For.

29. Should there be more plus size models? If you are meaning plus size as in a UK size 12 then yes, absolutely. If you mean plus size as in a size 18, then no!

30. Clothes, shoes, bags or jewellery? Bags all the way.

31. Ok last one, fashion or style? The best complement I have ever received was from a stranger in Selfridges, it was a women, and she spoke the words "you're well put together" and it filled my ears gently as I smiled. In my life I have always wanted to, and aimed to be "well put together". Nice hair, stylish clothes, an air of sophistication and decorum about me, and to be told I'd reached that was hugely fulfilling. That day I vowed to always be stylish. Sometimes if you're OTT in current trends and fashions people see the clothes and not the person in them, so as much as I love fashion, I pick style.

As Coco Chanel said herself, 'Fashions fade, but only style remains'.


All questions were derived by myself and my good friend Jade whom I thank for helping me through many HOWSTE creative processes.