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This is me...

As I sit with work colleagues, happily spilling my word vomit over Nicolas Ghesquirère's new vision for Louis Vuitton I catch the look I see far to often. The look of glazed over eyes, boredom pursed upon their lips as they look around the room. I have bored them. Just like I drove my family to boredom, my friends from school and sixth form, plus the poor women at the Saint Laurent beauty counter. I find myself endlessly lusting over bags, beautifully dressed women who ooze elegance and poise and the constant newness of fashion. I'm increasingly talking about my wardrobe, my style, the things I want to buy, the things I like, and the things I don't like. With nobody who has the same interests as me in my life however, I feel something missing. I need a voice, I need something to fulfil my fashion addiction & put an end to my cravings, and that's how I ended up here. My own page, my own voice. A place I can spill endless word vomit on the thing that drives me, the thing that gives my passion, happiness and something to strive for. Fashion. Follow me on my journey as I explore my own personal style and delve into the world of fashion while informing you of current fashion and lifestyle trends. This is me, and this is my blog.