howste blog sale

I’d like to introduce you all to my blog sale which is currently hosted using eBay. Feel free to browse and purchase any items you wish via the link below.


As a fashion fan and blogger, sometimes it can be a challenge to fit a new item into an already overstuffed walk-in closet. Sometimes it can also be a struggle to pay the credit card bill following the purchase of that said item. With all that in mind, I have decided to sell off some of the garments that I have used for my blog, that I have once loved, to make room for new pieces. With this concept, it gives you the chance to buy the looks I have featured, usually at a hugely discounted price! All the pieces that I will be selling will be sold via eBay for a more secure buying environment, not only for me the seller, but for the buyer too.

You can find my eBay store with the link below:

HOWSTE Fashion eBay Store

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