About me

My name is Stefan Howarth and I am the creator of HOWSTE.co.uk the online fashion and lifestyle journal. I live in Nottinghamshire, England and I started my journal back in 2014 while working a fulltime position within the NHS. I'm a self proclaimed fashion addict, and because of this I created my own forum of self expression. Now I can write about fashion, lifestyle trends and events. I will also give you key style tips to help inspire you to take fashion risks in order to develop your own personal style as well as my own. The name HOWSTE was created as it is an amalgamation of my name, Stefan Howarth. The site is to express my point of view, so why not use my name?

Now a published fashion journalist, I originally started HOWSTE to fulfil my fashion obsession. I love it, I live it, I breath it. I've seen many other blogs and it seemed so much fun. Expressing yourself to an audience, receiving feedback, being "in the club" of 20-something stylish people who also live for fashion. I had always wanted to do it, so I did it! 


I want HOWSTE to be interactive, to be able to view a Burberry show and to inform my readership the best parts to look out for 10 minutes later. I'd like to inspire through fashion and nurture confidence. HOWSTE is all about fun through fashion, being unique, dressing for you and your personality. It's about indulging fashion lovers in the styles they adore. I will never tell people how to dress or what they can't do. Fashion is all about self expression and it should be a happy and fun process to wear something you love and enjoy. I just hope people enjoy following my journey with me through HOWSTE.


H - Honest

O - Open & Opulent

W - Whimsical

S - Stylish

T - Thought Provoking

E - Exciting


MISSION STATEMENT: To bring fashion in an informative, thought provoking, influential and relevant way to everyday life. To inspire through fashion, nurture confidence and bring empowerment through dressing. Fashion is all around us, indulge yourself in it and rise to be the person you've always wanted to be...


I have been asked on more occasions than I can care to remember why do I like fashion? Why? Because to me, it feels like an exclusive club. A club that wraps you in a soft cashmere blanket of happiness. It keeps you warm and fulfils a desire deep within and helps express you and what you stand for. Fashion to me is as natural as sleep. We live it, we breathe it. Fashion is all around us, so why not indulge? Welcome to my journal. I hope you enjoy following my adventures in life, and fashion. Welcome to my world...

- Stefan Howarth x